Sunday, July 29, 2012

It should never surprise us that "progressives" are blind to slaughter when performed by one of their own guys

Stalin killed 30 to 50 million people.  So did Mao. Ever see a single film come out of "progressive" Hollywood with socialist genocide as its main theme?


  1. Stateless capitalism killed 95 million native americans.

    At the time there were 80 million people living in Russia. 27 million died in WW2, if Stalin killed 50 million then there was only 3 million left. Numbers do not add up Bob, but they don't have to when It comes to being against communism. Just repeat It over and over again: Mao killed 30 million people. Nobody is going to check on this, so next time you can even say 40 million. Never mind that this didn't happen and you've been brainwashed.

    1. Right.

      On 26 January 1934 Joseph Stalin reported to the 17th Congress of the All-Union Communist Party (b) as one of the main achievements "Growth of population from 160.5 millions in the end of 1930 to the 168 millions in the end of 1933".[3] On 1 December 1935 Joseph Stalin made a speech, on the Meeting of Kolkhozniks with the Soviet and Party leaders:[4]
      “ Everybody says that the material situation of workers has dramatically improved, that life has become better and more fun. It is of course true. But this has led the population to breed much faster than in the old days. The birth rate is higher, the death rate is lower and the pure population growth is far stronger. It is of course good and we welcome it. [Jolly murmurs in the auditorium.] Now every year we have a population growth of three million souls. It means that every year we grow as much as the whole of Finland. [Everybody laughs.] ”

      Combining his reports, one could have expected to have a population of about 180 million in 1937.

      Official statistics based on the registered birth and death rates implied that the 1937 census should show a population of 170-172 million.

    2. I will agree that many Native Americans were murdered. Since I believe in the non-aggression principle, those actions were crimes. Neither Stalin nor General Sherman respected human life. That still does not say anything positive for Stalin or Mao.