Monday, July 2, 2012

The inflationists are afraid of us!

Here's the headline for a post by the evil Matthew Yglesias:

Hassle Ben Bernanke!  The economy will never recover unless the Fed loosens monetary policy. So why are liberals so afraid to talk about it?

Liberals are AFRAID to talk about it because normal people don't believe it. Heck, normal people don't even know that the Federal Reserve and its funny money are the CAUSE of inflation.  Our approach must be directed at normal average people and teach them once and for all that inflation in not a mysterious force of nature but a purposeful government policy advocated by "progressives" of all parties.


  1. Wealth generation has to be not for rich

  2. The is encouraging. The only people objecting to my blog are the Maoists, the biggest perpetrators of murder and genocide in the history of the galaxy.

  3. You are trying to label without even considering happiness. You are in denial. It's not very encouraging to work for some rich guy for a loaf of bread a day. This what you are advocating here. That's what capitalism is and always was. Have you read Marx? Mises, Rothbard, Hayek etc were all in denial. Your capitalist dream is not just. It is a nightmare to be exact. Capitalist society is a barbaric relic of the past. You use other people to get rich in capitalism! That means you are taking away their fruits of labor for your benefit, or your fruits of labor get taken away. What do you think, this is some god given right to you? You cannot possibly justify that.