Friday, July 3, 2020


Last night during a bought of insomnia, I posted some comments on the Detroit News article about the minimal success story of a hydroxychloroquine trial at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit. I inadvertently checked the box so that the comment would also appear on Facebook too. It was a very short comment linking to a 45 second YouTube video where Dr. Daniel Wallace tells Dr. Oz in early April that he had givern 800 lupus patients HCQ and not one came down with Covid or had any bad reaction to the drug. Dr. Wallace literally WROTE THE BOOK on lupus and there was great concerned that lupus patients, with their weakened immune systems, would be especially vulnerable to the virus. More great news suppressed.  

I've noticed that the POWERS-THAT-BE always deride and suppress any good news about cures and preventatives for the virus. Here is the short video to which I linked where Dr. Oz interviews Dr. Wallace.  In April, the entire 15 minute interview was on YouTube. All that is left is this 45 second clip.  

In less than a minute, I got a nasty Facebook warning that the comment went against Facebook Community Standards solely for mentioning good news about an obvious cure and preventative for the virus. I noted that for the majority of comments I had posted and where I didn't not check the box to have it appear on Facebook, those comments were still undisturbed in the Detroit News comment section for the article. 

Let's also not forget that the main study disparaging HCQ has been withdrawn and retracrted in shame. 

Wednesday, July 1, 2020


It is still a Facebook violation to mention the curative powers of Vitamin C on Facebook. Seriously.   It is a FTC violation for a medical doctor in the USA to mention those powers. Desperate people take desperate measures. What is the source of this endless enthusiasm to hide preventatives and cures for the virus? 

"High dose liposomal Vit C (l g per hour) was my main treatment during the initial acute phase of symptoms.  Within 24 hours it helped me go from persistent cough, high temperature, extreme aches and overwhelming exhaustion to being able to sit in the sun in the garden with my temperature back to normal and cough much reduced."

B.B.~ Occupational Therapist, NHS

I'm an emergencynurse working in a Covid receiving unit. My colleagues and I realise that we face a tough hit to our immune system from increased viral load.

Vitamin C has long been known to support immunity, and liposomal Vitamin C is the most effective way to deliver the vitamin C, to all systems of the body which boosts our immunity from both bacterial and viral infections.

In addition, it combats fatigue, and aids against cardiovascular problems. All relevant issues while we are battling Covidl9 and working extra hard."

M.G.-  ER nurse, NHS

Tuesday, June 30, 2020


Just three weeks before the dam failure, both the state and Boyce Hydro had entered litigation regarding the energy company’s alleged failure to protect endangered mussel populations within Wixom Lake.  The Democrats were claiming that the dam company killed those precious mussels by lowering the water level too much!

Jan. 21, 2020

• Assistant Attorney General Nathan Gambill wrote to Boyce lawyer Lawrence Kogan to give him the “courtesy of a heads up” regarding upcoming litigation over the company’s drawdown of Wixom Lake, launching weeks of negotiation in which the state argued the damages to local mussels amounted to roughly $300 million.

April 2020

• Under pressure from residents of Wixom Lake, the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy [EGLE] and the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Boyce began to raise the level of the Wixom Lake, with the normal pond level to be reached during the first week of May. Before Boyce did so, EGLE issued it a permit to raise the lake level, despite Boyce claiming the EGLE Dam Safety division was “well aware” of the Edenville Dam’s inability to meet even 50% of the "probable maximum flood" standard.

April 29, 2020

• Boyce Hydro filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Michigan against EGLE the MDNR and high-level officials in those agencies for "multiple violations arising out of their regulation and oversight of the Edenville Dam."

April 30, 2020

• Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel filed a lawsuit against 10 defendants, including Boyce Hydro and owner Lee Mueller, claiming Boyce lowered the level of Wixom Lakes during extended drawdown periods in 2018 and 2019, resulting in the death of "thousands if not millions" of federally-endangered freshwater mussels. Among the species mentioned by the state is the Snuffbox Mussel, which is on both the state and federal endangered species list.

May 19, 2020

• After three days and a total of 8 inches of rainfall, waters overtook the Edenville Dam, eventually breaching the easternmost portion structure's embankment wall, resulting in the worst flooding event in mid-Michigan history, with nearly 11,000 people in Midland County needing to be evacuated.

Monday, June 29, 2020

Shocking. Migrant farm workers have lots of Covid-19 in Ontario.

COVID cases spike amongst Windsor-Essex agri-food workers

A typically awful article which explains nothing and has no purpose but to induce more panic among the clueless rabble. Has anyone ever checked their vitamin D, zinc or iodine levels?

Approximately 20,000 migrant workers come to Ontario each year to work on farms and in greenhouses. Many of the workers come from Mexico, the Caribbean and Guatemala and when they arrived this year they were required to self-isolate for 14 days.

Outbreaks that have affected dozens of migrant workers have been reported in Chatham-Kent, Niagara Region and Elgin County.

An outbreak in Norfolk County has seen 165 workers at a local farm test positive for COVID-19, with seven of them admitted to hospital.
Two migrant workers have also died as a result of COVID-19 in Windsor-Essex.

Can levels of Bacille Calmette-Guérin (BCG) anti-TB vaccination rates impact Covid-19 death rates?

Dr. Lawrence Broxmeyer, MD seems to think so. There are tests underway. I'm sure that if the tests show this to be true, the Democrats, lockdowners and Deep State will try to hide it. I'm pretty good at current event predictions but I never would have predicted so that many people would have an emotional dependence upon a continuing lockdown based upon media and government lies. 

Dr. Broxmeyer: Definitely. A pattern throughout.
Slovenia has 5.32 deaths per million. Slovenia presently has no mandatory BCG. They did have a recommended BCG booster shot given between 14 and 15 years of age from 1947-1996 but this was stopped after 1996.
Albania at 3.49 deaths per million. Here the BCG vaccine was mandatory until 1990.
Romania 2.21. In Romania, the BCG vaccine is obligatory to newborns with a birth weight greater than 2500 grams, between the ages of 2–7 days and 2 months. In the eighth grade (at the age of 13–14 years) a new dose of BCG vaccine is administered, only if the tuberculin IDR test result is negative (below 9 mm).
Serbia 1.86. The BCG vaccine is mandatory, vaccinations occurs at birth and is applied throughout the entire country.
Czechia 1.51. Czech Republic: The BCG vaccine is recommended for specific people only. Mass vaccination was performed in the past. BCG vaccine was mandatory for every newborn from 1953 – till 2010.
Croatia 1.47. Croatia: The BCG vaccine is mandatory.
Bulgaria 1.14. Bulgaria: The BCG vaccine is mandatory for children since 1951
Poland 0.58.  Poland: The BCG vaccine is mandatory. 

If not for variation in BCG policy, how else does one explain such a high discrepancy in death rates for countries so extremely well connected geographically? They are all part of, or candidates for, the EU.
Italy has 51 more deaths per inhabitant than Albania, despite the fact that there are 500,000 Albanians residing in Italy and that there is intense exchange between the two countries.
In Italy the BCG vaccine is neither mandatory nor recommended. Mass vaccination has never been performed in Italy.  In Albania the BCG vaccine was mandatory until 1990. Also we should not forget the incineration of 10 tons of Wuhan pig meat by authorities in Northern Italy, just prior to that outbreak.
Croatia, Italy’s neighbor to the East, has 121 times less deaths than its neighbor when adjusting for population. Again, in Italy the BCG vaccine is neither mandatory nor recommended, whereas in Croatia: the BCG vaccine is mandatory.


From "Decline of the Third World" by Jayant Bhandari

Western culture, which developed organically over at least the two and half millennia, starting from Greco-Roman philosophers, is not easy to duplicate. This culture requires thrift, honesty, hard work, liberty, individuality, dispassionate reason, objective justice, loyalty, honor, stoicism, a desire to rise above oneself, and many other factors that perhaps cannot be seen or isolated but must be absorbed subliminally in all their complex interactions. These are reflected in social, religious, and political structures of the West — the three independent branches of government, the rule of law, compassion for others, charity, family system, etc.

The West and East Asia, including China, comprise a mere 2.5 billion people.
“The Rest,” the Third World, comprises 5 billion out of 7.5 billion people on the planet. The cultural factors underpinning the West sound like clichés until one who gives up political correctness for the truth starts to see that the Third World, despite its several centuries of interactions with the West, simply fails to understand them.
The Third World is blind to what makes the West a civilization. It is as if the Third World cannot rise above animal instincts — craving for food, power over others, sex, and for the material.
Over several centuries of western colonization and missionary activities, an attempt was made to infuse Western cultural factors into the Third World. It was only a marginal success. Since the third world countries achieved political independence, without constant Western involvement, all has been lost. Christianity became voodoo, and the political system became a tool for tribalism and tyranny.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020


From their brief today:

Finally, Appellees would be remiss if they did not point out that the real reason for the Appellants’ “no holds barred” approach to this litigation is that no one is allowed to challenge the Governor’s complete and total authority. In fact, when discussing the irreparable harm that Appellants will suffer if the stay is not immediately issued, Appellants’ concern for the safety of Michiganders working out at gyms is an afterthought at best. Appellants are driven by something else entirely. As the Governor stated in a press conference a mere 30 minutes after the conclusion of oral argument on Appellee’s Motion for Preliminary Injunction, “‘[W]E STILL SEE ATTEMPTS TO TAKE AWAY MY AUTHORITY to take these actions, which made it all possible in the first place. . . . I want to be very clear: ANY ATTEMPT TO STRIP AWAY THE POWERS OF THE GOVERNOR DURING THIS CRISIS IS IRRESPONSIBLE, DANGEROUS AND FOOLISH.’”3 (emphasis added)

Does Executive Ord 2020-110 prohibit persons from engaging in outdoor activities that are protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution?

A: No. Persons may engage in expressive activities protected by the First Amendment within the State of Michigan, but must adhere to social distancing measures recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, including remaining at least six feet from people from outside the person’s household. 

I'M BANNED AGAIN BY FACEBOOK - What stupid and evil bastards they are.

The Evil Facebook Machine thought this was my third crime and gave me a 30 day ban. Then it reduced it to seven days. I still have Messenger, however. All for this. Was it the bad grammar?  If YOUR report vs. If you report? 

Right before Memorial Day weekend, I had previously received a seven day Facebook ban for this joke meme below. They also cut off Messenger and the ability to wish people happy birthday or anniversary, of which I missed out on two each. 

Last but not least, in April, I received a twenty four hour ban for having posted this back in January. Weeks after the ban expired, their investigator, Emily Litella, determined that it really didn't violate their precious standards at all. 


UPDATE:  Facebook blocked my use of Messenger on the laptop just now. It still works on my phone. THIS IS EVIL INCARNATE. I'm 69 years old, I live alone and I communicate mostly with Messenger to family and friends. 

Saturday, June 20, 2020


One of more bizarre aspects of our battle against the Evildoers who make up the Nitwit Lockdowner Brigade is the observation that none of them have the slightest familiarity with the nature of the illness or any reports of preventives or cures. 

Pierre Kory, MD, MPA Medical Director, Trauma and Life Support Center Critical Care Service Chief Associate Professor of Medicine University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health

Members of our group have now treated in excess of 100 hospitalized patients with our treatment protocol. Nearly all survived, The 2 that died were in their eighties and had advanced chronic medical conditions. None of the patients have had long stays on the ventilator nor become ventilator dependent The patients generally have a short hospital stay and are discharged in good health.

Absence of Effective National and International treatment recommendations:  Before I go into the process and rationale for our treatment protocol, I want to highlight three critical factors that we feel are contributing to the COVID-19 crisis which we call upon the health societies to address: 1) The fact that nearly all national and international health societies such as the WHO, CDC, ACP, ATS, and many others have issued treatment recommendations focusing almost solely on “supportive care only” strategies, things like Tylenol for fever, gentle hydration/nutrition then oxygen or a ventilator to support breathing.. THIS STRATEGY IS CLEARLY FAILING AS EVIDENCED BY UNPRECEDENTED DEATH RATES AND WIDESPREAD AND LIFE-THREATENING SHORTAGES IN VENTILATORS, ICU BEDS, AND ICU PHYSICIANS AND NURSES. OUR EARLY RECOGNITION OF THE FAILURE OF THIS TREATMENT APPROACH IS WHAT PROMPTED US TO FORM OUR GROUP.

Thursday, April 16, 2020


As I've repeatedly noted over the 47 years of being a Rothbardian Libertarian, no non-libertarian and especially no non-Austrian School advocate has the slightest familiarty with either libertarian or Austrian School concepts or analysis. Nevertheless, our ideas are ALWAYS rejected by people who haven't the slightest idea what our ideas actually are. 

This has fascinated me for decades. Therefore, I am hereby making a request for scholarly papers which must be from a non-libertarian or non-Austrian explaining how they know that libertarian and Austrian concepts and analysis are wrong even though the writer hasn't a clue as to what those concepts and analysis actually are. 

Your paper should be typed, include all citations to authority and be at least 300 words. 

Friday, May 27, 2016


That clueless troll and scoundrel, “Lord Keynes” is ranting again about Fractional Reserve Banking.  He writes:

"The Rothbardian anarcho-capitalists are bizarre, utopian free market cultists (who, strangely, also have a decidedly anti-free market bias in their mistaken opposition to fractional reserve banking)".

There is nothing bizarre or anti-free market about Rothbardian analysis of fractional reserve banking.  A dollar is a specific coin made out of a specific amount of fine silver.  A warehouse receipt for a specific coin is not a dollar. Nor is a bearer note for any dollar coin.  Now, a bank could theoretically lend out 60% of its actual dollar holdings while still issuing bearer notes for dollar coins, but those private notes would have to explain ON THEIR FACE that the note is a fractional reserve note and of what variety.  I suspect that such notes would be heavily discounted if accepted at all.  

“Lord Keynes” will argue that no one requires such warnings on the face of the notes because EVERYONE understands what those notes are.  I think that’s plain nuts.  In any event, the warnings would then be merely redundant and harmless, right?  Each note issuing firm could have classes of notes (like classes of stock) representing 100% reserves or various fractional reserve amounts to which the notes would be associated.  People who accept the notes will have been warned so they cannot complaint of fraud and prices would be stated in terms of a particular class of a particular brand of notes.  Under historic fractional reserve banking, paying $100 in silver dollars is described as the same price as paying with $100 in fractional reserve notes. That is a source of false and unsustainable pricing.  My idea of classes of notes avoids such fraudulent pricing too.

There. I have now solved the problem of fractional reserve banking.

                                                           "LORD KEYNES"

Thursday, September 4, 2014

The two branches of the American statist religion

The American statist religion seems to have two branches, both of which coalesced in the mad “progressive” Wilsonian rush into WWI: America as a “Christian” nation with a duty to “save” the world with “democracy”. Read 8 pages of “The War for Righteousness” by Richard Gamble. The declaration of war was passed on Good Friday, 1917 and that was not a coincidence.
Since then, the Democrat “progressives” have dumped the “God” part of the religion, while the Neocon "progressives" have adopted a strange “dispensationalist” version where “Christians” and the USA have a duty to help Israel steal more land and induce WWIII and the “rapture”. (I have had the recent unfortunate experience of debating an entire army of Mark Levin types who “like” genocide of the Palestinians). The Neocons actually seem to believe that Obama is a liberal peacenik who simpathizes with radical Islam. They think Libertarians do too, while the left “progressives” think Libertarians hate everyone (and left "progressives" sure HATE us). Both sides seem to think the US government has magical powers to cure things, but they disagree about what those magic powers are and to whom and how they should be applied. Both sides worship FDR as their God.  The Democrats believe the Holy Magic of the U.S. government saved the economy from the Great Depression and it must do so again and again.  The Republicans believe the Holy Magic of the U.S. government saved the world from the Nazis and rebuilt Germany and Japan.  The fact that the Germans and Japanese just went back to being Germans and Japanese does not seem to impact the story line.  Both sides believe a significant part of the other side's story. As such, the U.S. government has magical powers to transform foreign countries through the application of Keynesian economics and/or war for democracy. The fact that democracy in a multi-cultural environment generally leads to ethnic strife including genocide matters not at all.  The concept that there might be something wrong with their vision does not compute.  Each side insists that folks who disagree are evil and/or stupid.
Both sides are still gung-ho about imposing their religion upon everyone else and the rest of the world. When their endeavors blow up in their faces, it’s because the opposing “progressive” side (left or Neocon) just didn’t do it right.
I suspect this is the real reason why we have such trouble even defining basic terms with the statists.  This would also explain the instantaneous success of Keynesianism.  Even more troubling is the realization that with this statist religion being fundamental to the statist belief system, the statist is not going to be in the mood to hear that his or her life's work has been for naught. And they are really not going to be in the mood to hear that they and their belief systems are basically the worst problems facing mankind.  Unfortunately, both Libertarianism and Austrian School analysis are based upon that grim conclusion. 

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Lew Rockwell understates the pathetic non-response of the statists to libertarian ideas

But if we define the term “libertarian moment” more modestly, a different conclusion emerges. No, we have not reached a point at which anything like a majority of Americans have embraced our ideas. But we have reached a point at which even mainstream sources, which in the pre-Internet age could get away with ignoring us altogether, are forced to acknowledge us, if only for purposes of dismissal and ridicule.

Hey Lew Rockwell:   They dismiss and ridicule us because they cannot begin to refute us and they are afraid to even allow our analysis into their brains.  No non-libertarian has any understanding of the non-aggression principle and no non-Austrian understands a) violent intervention vs. voluntary exchange; b) economic calculation vs mis-calculation; and/or how violent intervention results in mis-calculation. 

They are so cowardly that they will not allow the public to hear of the theory that the Great Depression was just a hangover of statist monetary policies from World War I.  Heck, the statists cannot even admit to themselves that they promote and engage in violence much less that it accounts for about 99.9% of their “policy” proposals. 

We need to get right in their face and challenge them on their cowardice.