Friday, December 30, 2011

What’s the biggest news story of the week?

Congress overwhelming votes to abolish the Bill of Rights vs. Snooki’s new hair color.

Video: Elderly Israeli Fighter Talks About 1948 Genocide


Electronic Intifada‘s Benjamin Doherty shared a video from “Nakba”-awareness group Zochrot – “Remembering” – of a former Palmach fighter who participated in the expulsion of unarmed Palestinian Arabs from their villages in Southern Israel. Amnon Neumann casually describes that he helped kill people, burn their villages, and chase off women and children. He regrets his actions but notes he is one of the few to admit his crimes; even so, he is loath to talk about the details of the atrocities.
In one grimace-inducing moment, Neumann talks of the Palestinians who didn’t quite realize they wouldn’t be coming back, who sneaked out of Gaza refugee camps at night to tend their villages’ grapevines. There, says Neumann, they were gunned down.

Of course, John Hagee does not believe that these Arab people ever existed:

Because the land now known as Israel, Gaza, and the West Bank was ruled by the Ottoman Turks prior to World War I, then controlled by the British, and later partitioned under United Nations mandate, Hagee argues that the land does not belong to the Arabs, and that the name "Palestine" (deriving from that of the ancient Philistines) was imposed by the Roman Emperor Hadrian to punish the Jews for their revolt against the Roman Empire. Hagee maintains there is no Palestinian language and no historic Palestinian nation.  Hagee supports an American-Israeli pre-emptive nuclear strike on Iran.

I get it. Suppose the Muslims drove everyone in Michigan out of Michigan and into refugee camps in Kentucky.  The victims could not complain.  They're just Americans.  There is no "Michigan people" or "Michigan nation". 

Young People More Likely To Favor Socialism Than Capitalism: Pew

How cool is that?

The politics of true mass slaughter and genocide are back and hipper than ever!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Progressives hate poor people

It is my position that the left (and basically all of our opponents) are congenitally unable to differentiate crony capitalism and other evil government acts from libertarian NAP free market activities.  They start with a bogus and mindless “theory”, USA = racism = capitalism (think of Michael Moore), then proceed to blame all examples of state racism upon “capitalism”.  It’s very similar to their “thought process” (such as it is) when creating their bogus economic narratives (USA/Fed/crony capitalism/military Keynesian = The Free Market).   It then becomes easy for them to blame “The Free Market” for the boom bust cycle, war and jobless recoveries when employing their simpleton historical anecdotal methods (think “Lord Keynes“).   

Both narratives allow for them to imagine problems that do not and would not exist in the free market.  The problem for blacks historically in the USA was not racism in the market but vicious state action.  Blacks and poor people generally around the world desperately need the protections provided by private property, freedom of contract and sound money.  It is “progressive”  “thought” imposed around the world that keeps them from having these benefits and is thus the cause of most violence and grinding poverty in the third world.  Further, just think about how the left (and probably the CIA too) would howl if an African country attempted to go libertarian.  The only conclusion one can have from this is that the leftists hate poor people.

Regarding “states rights”, I would suggest that that Ron Paul look into Clarence Thomas’ theory that the 14th amendment requires that the states respect fundamental rights of citizens as a result of the Privileges or Immunities Clause which he insists is substantive and not procedural. Such an interpretation would have precluded all Jim Crow type legislation.   See here and here @ p. 67.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

"Lord Keynes" lists his "critiques" of The Austrian Business Cycle Theory - without the slightest understanding of Austrian theory

The always imperious (but clueless) “Lord Keynes” lists links to his never-ending “critiques” of the Austrian Business Cycle Theory here.  You will note that he has no comprehension whatsoever of the concept of “economic calculation” upon which all Austrian theory relies.  Further, like all inflationists, he cannot establish (theoretically or historically) that that the free market suffers inherently from unemployment, depression or lack of “aggregate demand” and is thus in need of Keynesian-style “stimulus”.  In fact, he does not even try.