Monday, June 18, 2012

MMTers analyze "Human Action" without reference to "humans" or "action"

Quite an amazing feat.  These guys are so good at doubletalk and  misdirection that they should work for large corporate law firms.   See Reflections on David Gordon's The Philosophical Origins of Austrian Economic.  

And there are some very interesting comments.


  1. In the discussion underneath the article, you really hit it out of the park. I had to stop reading when Tom continued to insist that prices are *not* set by individual subjective whims. Either we're crazy, or people like Tom are simply incapably of processing logic in their brains. I was shocked that a professor of philosophy can't grasp such a simple idea.

    1. But they have to take that position or else their own position would evaporate.

      If average people can and do set their own prices and live their own lives, there is no place for a "philosophy professor" to guide them in their alleged ignorance.