Monday, June 11, 2012

Alex Pareene and Paul Krugman should love Ben Stein

I was watching CBS's Sunday Morning program yesterday, and who do they have on to promote the latest hip economic advice but the loathsome Ben Stein, son of Herb Stein, former chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers under Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford. That says it all. THEY ARE KEYNESIANS. In fact, an entire family of Keynesians.

My "Keynes-Dar" is on high alert. Ben informs us that because "our Federal Reserve has UNLIMITED money creation powers", we need to PRINT UP A FEW TENS OF TRILLIONS AND GIVE IT TO EUROPE!

We all know that Ben is a CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN, so unlimited money printing (via Keystrokes for all you MMTers) to save Europe is clearly the "reasonable", hip and "serious" solution to Europe's impending economic collapse resulting from its idiotic and unsustainable welfare state.How money printing is going to magically create $100 trillion worth of adult diaper changing services is never examined.

Then I was reading the loathsome Alex Pareene at He claims that it's really too bad that our daily newspapers are dying because they are no longer around to put the damper of realism on REPUBLICAN EXTREMISM. What “progressives” like Pareene mean by that refers to half-hearted Republican attempts to slow the growth of the increases in government control and expenditure and half-hearted to non-existent concern about the wisdom of unpayable debt and money printing.

Hey, Pareene! You moron! Ben Stein believes in money printing, so ALL REPUBLICANS CAN’T BE EXTREMISTS, CAN THEY?  And it was on CBS where everyone who is hip and cool can learn what attitudes are hip and cool.  So, what's the problem?

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