Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Andy Duncan: Although broke, the euro state buys the intellectualoids a giant telescope

Andy Duncan writes on his blog THE GOD THAT FAILED that although the Euro State is broke, it has funded a billion euro telescope to keep the intellectuals happy:

Now you would have thought, that given all of the above - no matter what your political persuasion, and no matter whether you ‘believe’ in the EU or not – that we have reached what the Chinese call an ‘interesting’ point of time. You would have thought, that given all of the above, that everyone concerned with keeping the horror show of the EU going, and its appalling ersatz money, would be straining every sinew and holding back every reserve to keep the train on the rails, and to stop it plunging over the viaduct of its own vast incompetence.

Well, I’m afraid you’re wrong. Because despite the EU (hopefully) being close to the edge of extinction, and dancing so tightly with the concept of out-of-chaos-comes-order, there’s still room for a billion euros to be spent on keeping the intellectuals happy (and in this case, the physics-aligned intellectuals), with a new telescopic toy for them to play with, in the deserts of Chile.
Now, don’t get me wrong.

I like seeing pretty pictures of exploding galaxies along with the best of us, and I’ll be impressed if one of the luckily-chosen overpaid physics intellectuals selected to man this toy manages to take a high-definition snap of an exo-planet, especially if it looks like it’s got some good wind-surfing opportunities.

But really? Now? To spend over a billion euros on a vanity project for physicists, just after the Greek government’s funding crisis, just in the middle of the Spanish government’s funding crisis, and just before the Italian government’s funding crisis?

Is this really a great moment for such things?

Where’s that cash coming from then? Is Spain supplying it? Or Italy? Or France? Or are the Germans being tapped for it again, as they are tapped for so much? No doubt David Cameron, and his Bilderberg control, George Osborne, have contributed some of my forcibly-extracted taxes into the pot, despite the British government being in the hole for trillions of pounds of debt.
But what’s a billion euros between friends, especially when it’s other people’s money?
However, the above castigation belies the importance of the topic. Because it is vital for the state to keep the intellectuals onside, particularly in moments of financial stress. This news about this telescope is actually quite old news. However, it’s being re-hashed now by state organs such as the BBC, to send a message to the intellectuals that no matter how bad things get, the EU is always going to keep trying to send the cheques, so they can keep themselves up in Chianti, and keep paying their Guardian subscriptions.

This is because non-intellectual people, being so busy with the processes of actually being productive and living most of their lives in a voluntary society, take their political ideas from the intellectuals, even really low-level intellectuals, such as the drones that find ungainful employment within government child indoctrination day-prisons.

All the intellectuals must be kept onside, all of the time. This is the lesson of history.

Because if the state loses the intellectuals – and their ideological bodyguard protection – then the state will lose everything. The Soviet Union collapsed when its intellectuals gave up on it. The British empire collapsed when its intellectuals gave up on it. And the Athenian empire collapsed when its intellectuals gave up on it (and switched to the philosophies of Sparta, instead). All empires cease to exist when the cheques to the intellectuals start bouncing, and their previously committed support therefore evaporates.

Yes, they really are that shallow.

Without the intellectuals constantly whispering to the proles that ‘the state is good’, that ‘the state is necessary’, and that ‘the state is ethical’, the truth of the state being nothing more than a 0rotten super-sized mafia parasitising the rest of us becomes too clear and too obvious for even the state’s endless propaganda machine to hide. If the proles withdraw their consent from the state – because the bought-and-paid-for intellectuals withdraw their consent from the state – then the game will be up.

Hence why the EU state is prepared, even in the moment of its greatest fiscal crisis, to keep buying the support of the intellectuals with another huge tranche of paper money printed out of thin air, to purchase them a new toy.

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