Saturday, March 17, 2012

THE PROBLEM OF OUR AGE: The lack of "direct engagement" with Austrian and libertarian ideas

What should be the number one concern of all lovers of freedom of liberty regarding our fight against the forces of darkness is the COMPLETE LACK OF ANY DIRECT ENGAGEMENT WITH OUR IDEAS.  It never occurs. Ever.  Lew Rockwell linked to this blog post which only concerns our problem engaging with "the right":

As Ron Paul’s campaign quietly recedes into oblivion, I am astounded by how little direct engagement has been made with his ideas by the leading voices on the Right. The vast majority of conservative commentators have chosen the short-term strategy of derision and ad hominem. He has been scorned as a conspiracy nut, a “truther,” or “the fringe.” However effective that approach may have been in the near term, it has revealed a flaw in the present conservative mindset—a flaw which I suspect gnaws away at the psyche of our leading pundits.

But this lack of engagement exists WITH ALL OF OUR OPPONENTS as does their exclusion reliance upon a "strategy of derision and ad hominem". Our opponents lack the ability to even think through our concepts on a superficial level.  This includes not only the warmonger right, but the warmonger left, the Keynesian left, the Keynesian middle and the Keynesian right.   And, or course, there are those dishonest totalitarian Whac-a-Moles, the MMTers. 

Where is the opponent who understands the simple basic concepts of private property, freedom of contact, the NAP, human exchange, Cantillon Effects or economic calculation?  I'm sorry to say that such a person does not exist.

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