Monday, March 5, 2012

Murders at government prison schools caused by Reagan and deregulation

This article is astonishing.  An epidemic of shootings occurs among increasingly depressed PUBLIC SCHOOL children.  These children are FORCED by the government to attend these schools and associate with these other toxic children.  And their parents are FORCED to pay for it. We are now facing an epidemic of nanny-statism and an economic collapse brought about by the “progressive” interventionist Keynesian theory.  So what does blame for these depressed and miserable children?  CAPITALISM AND DEREGULATION.    The opponents ("progressives") of truth and justice (me) cannot even begin to present a fair argument for their side. They must destroy all clear thinking by promoting anti-concepts such that compulsory government schooling and the all encompassing government economic controls are called "deregulation". 

We’re doomed.

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