Friday, February 21, 2014

Mike Norman again does not understand or want to understand libertarian or Austrian concepts.

As I never tire of explaining, no non-libertarian or non-Austrian understands basic Austro-libertarian concepts or analysis and none seem to want to understand.  As a result, we should be using this to our advantage and be constantly pointing this out. For example, MMT crazy Mike Norman writes:

To anyone who thinks the "low tax" meme of the libertarians (if there even is a low tax meme) is a panacea, watch out...because what they really believe in is total deregulation, lack of government "interference" and all the free market bullshit that goes along with that (like pillaging the environment), which means that if this comes true, you will see a wildly oppressive oligarchical state that will make Russia look like Vermont.

The problem with this line of attack* is that libertarians believe in strict liability for environmental harm to the person and property of others because it violates the non-aggression principle which is basic to libertarianism.  It is never an excuse that the town "needs" a certain industry so badly that the industry can spew filth into the air and water owned and controlled by others without their consent. A society where persons and property (especially the persons and property of the most powerless) are not protected from pollution is not a libertarian society.

Further, because of the libertarian emphasis upon the strict prohibition of fraud, additional government regulation is superfluous and adds layers of unnecessary complexity.  Crimes, torts and fraudulent schemes are already prohibited.  As everyone should know,most government regulations exist to provide crony capitalist advantages to the elite. Indeed, crony capitalist control of the government is a constant presence on the Mike Norman website. 

Finally, the suggestion that the elite seeks laissez faire is preposterous.  The elite always seeks government subsidies and government protection.  Apparently, Norman is unable to distinguish between laissez faire and crony capitalism.  Of course, 99.999% of interventionists are congentally unable to make that simple differentiation.  Thus, no libertarian should ever act surprised that this is the case.

I again make the point that we should be constantly noting for the public that our opponents will not engage us on the merits of our ideas or analysis.  Our opponents wish to suppress our ideas because they sense they would lose a debate where our ideas are freely discussed and effectively explained.

*What does Norman mean by "(if there even is a low tax meme)"?  That we are hypocrites and don't believe in low or no taxes?

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