Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Trillion dollar platinum coin is the end of civilization - and no one cares

While I never predicted high inflation to ensue back in 2009, I did think that Keynesianism and the war on terror had been exposed as complete nonsense responsible for our bad times and were finally finished. Never did I expect the welfare/warfare monsters to double down on their horrible policies, in the very least because I thought the public would not let them. Because there is no pushback from the brain dead citizenry, these monsters feel more secure in coming out of the closet from the formerly obscurantist form of Keynesianism and interventionism so now we get the absurdity of a trillion dollar platinum coin.  These people are shameless and hopeless.  

And, of course,  we must continue our bankrupting and barbarous foreign policy because the Bible says we must support Israel’s right and obligation to conquer the Middle East and kill A-rabs. I actually thought exposing these noodle-brains for what they really believed would make an impact. I was wrong.

I also must admit that I never thought that the Keynesians would have the audacity to meticulously and continuously ignore the Austrian concept of economic calculation in the face of a constant challenge on the topic. I was wrong on that too.


  1. Is this your mea culpa following Brad DeLong's request? Are you not going to shut down your blog and shoot yourself in the face, too?

  2. This might cause that result: