Monday, November 12, 2012

Encirclement - Award winning documentary in which French commies blame Hayek for the World Bank

La démocratie dans les rets du néolibéralisme 

This is an absolutely amazing display of the total ignorance of the left.  This is allegedly a "documentary on the real history of libertarian free-market fundamentalism".  A bunch of weenie French and other leftists literally blame Hayek, Mises and the Austrian School for the present day Keynesian welfare/warfare crony capitalist state.  

The entire thing is 150 minutes of talking.  The clip above is only about 9 minutes long.

UPDATE!  I was excited when I saw that Susan George was going to be one of the film’s commentators. 

Sorry. Wrong Susan George. 

Here is the website for this preposterous documentary which seems to have won a barrelfull of  awards from commie movie reviewers.  It continues a perfect batting average for the critics of the Austrian School since there has never been a single one that understood even the most basic Austrian School concepts or libertarian concepts.  They are congenitally unable to distinguish a fiat money regime from a competitive market in money for example. They cannot and will not differentiate between laissez faire and crony capitalism applying the dishonest yet silly term "neoliberalism" to both.   Again, they are simply amazing. 

"A critical and intelligent thesis, as dense as hail, on the origins
and strategies of neo-liberalism and its global neo-colonialist effects."

- Martin Walder, Neue Zürcher Zeitung

"These thesis criticizing globalization are well known,
but we have never seen them exposed so radically in a film."

- Eberhard von Elterlein, Berliner Morgenpost 

"Listening to these specialists unravel with stunning clarity the roots of neo-liberalism, the mechanisms of its expansion and the ideas it conveys is a fascinating experience."

- Malik Berkati, Le Courrier (Genève)

"The most conspicuous focus of the 39th International Forum were a number of documentaries on burning contemporary issues. [...] The radicality of Brouillette's summation is reflected in the rigorous design of the black-and-white film in ten chapters.

- Martin Girod, Neue Zürcher Zeitung



  1. How does war come to put an end to "militant activities"?

    Wouldn't it be the perfect forum for such activities?

    Oh, wait. The militant activities were Mises and Hayek's anti-State writings. And the war put an end to them because they had to flee the censorship and murder of fascist regimes in their home country.

    Now it all makes sense.

  2. I try to look at the bright side of impending doom. What if our opponents were evil and SMART, as opposed to evil and a bunch of cementheads?