Sunday, September 9, 2012

How can you tell when an MMTer or "progressive" is lying?

If he's making a statement.

Some guy name Chris Dillow claimed that Obama was criticizing “Randian Conservatives” in a speech.  Sorry, but there is no such thing as a “Randian Conservative”.

Then, the same numbskull claimed that EVEN Edmund Burke understood that present generations rely upon what is handed down from prior generations!  No man stands alone, which is what the “Randian Conservatives” think. Right.

And all that nonsense is allegedly derived  from the strict prohibition upon the initiation of force? 

Let's review.  First, here are no "Randian Conservatives".  Second, no libertarian or conservative believes that people do not constantly interact with and influence each other, especially family members.  Third, what Obama really meant by his "you didn't build that" statement was that because people generally have had help in creating their wealth, such wealth should be seized by Obama and the Assaultive Keynesian State.

With MMTers and "progressives", I can never tell where the dishonesty ends and the stupidity begins.  You too?

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  1. me too bob. truly amazing. blog more often, i enjoy reading your posts