Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Glenn Greenwald: More cause and effect in the War against Terrorists and O'Reilly is insane

From Greenwald's 4/12/10 Salon post:
As I wrote about last week, American troops in mid-February entered a village in the Eastern Afghan province of Paktia, killed five civilians (a male government official, his brother, and three female relatives, including two pregnant women and a teenager) and then lied about what happened. ABC News this week described the efforts of U.S. Special Forces to apologize to Haji Sharabuddin -- the 80-year-old patriarch of that family who lost two sons, two daughters and a granddaughter in the attack -- by offering him two sheep [!!!!] (a gesture of begging forgiveness in Pashtun custom)......

We know that drone launched missiles have killed hundreds of innocents.  700 dead by some accounts.  BHO couldn't be a war criminal, could he?

The mass slaughter of third world innocents:  Finally, O'Reilly finds a reason to love Obama.  I guess that makes me a right wing crazy AND a member of the "extreme left" simultanously.

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